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Culture is one of the most important aspects of your worship ministry. Healthy culture will help your ministry thrive, while unhealthy culture will undermine everything you are trying to accomplish. But healthy culture doesn’t appear of thin air. Culture is something that is carefully cultivated through consistent communication of a clear and compelling vision. Aaron Ivey of Austin Stone Worship seems to have cracked the code of clear, consistent communication and has crafted an incredible culture of worship and creativity at the Austin Stone Church in Austin, TX.  That’s why we’re excited to have him share his insights on this month’s episode. If you’re struggling with bad team culture, or simply want to strengthen a specific aspect of your team’s culture, I know you will be helped by this interview.

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Austin Stone Worship
ASW Field Guide Document
Steal Away Home (Aaron’s New Book)
CCSB’s New Culture Document

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At the end of the day, culture is how human beings interact with each other. – Tweet That!

Apathy in a leader is the death of the team. – Tweet That!

Passion is contagious. – Tweet That!

You’re always creating culture whether you know it or not. Bad culture is formed when there is no vision. – Tweet That!

When your team knows who they are (identity) it’ll affect how they act (behavior). – Tweet That!

No one should be more passionate about your vision than you are. – Tweet That!

God is the author of vision and if we seek Him for it, He’ll give it to us. – Tweet That!

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