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Creating Culture Through Consistent Communication w/ Aaron Ivey

Culture is one of the most important aspects of your worship ministry. Healthy culture will help your ministry thrive, while unhealthy culture will undermine everything you are trying to accomplish. But healthy culture doesn’t appear of thin air. Culture is something that is carefully cultivated through consistent communication of a clear and compelling vision. Aaron Ivey of Austin Stone Worship seems to have cracked the code of clear, consistent communication and has crafted an incredible culture of worship and creativity at the Austin Stone Church in Austin, TX.  That’s why we’re excited to have him share his insights on this month’s...

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5 Administrative Systems, Structures and Schedules to Bring Health To Your Worship Ministry

One of the key characteristics of a great worship leader is administration and organization. It may not be glamorous, or even fun, but you literally can’t have a healthy worship ministry without administration and organization. In this month’s episode, I share 5 administrative systems, structures, and schedules that are necessary in order to have a healthy, thriving worship ministry. Resources Mentioned: Auditions Episode Holding High Standards In Small Churches Episode Free Audition Template Free Chord Charts Direct Download Subscribe To Our PodcastThe best way to listen to our podcast is on your smartphone. Subscribe oniTunes, Stitcher, Tune In, Google...

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Bonus Q&A: Switching to Multiple Worship Services

In our third Listener Q&A Episode, podcast listener Jason Daugherty asks for advice as his church plans to switch from one worship service to multiple worship services. Brenton Collyer, Justin Kalama and I share some key concepts to keep in mind when switching your church from one service to multiple services, from scheduling to family, to time usage, unity, keeping it authentic, and more. If you’d like to submit a question for a future episode email me at  or call and leave a voicemail at 831-607-WLT1. Direct Download Subscribe To Our PodcastThe best way to listen to our...

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Using Backing Pads To Create Atmosphere and Enhance Your Worship Sets

Everybody wants a rich, full sound for their musical worship. And everyone wants smooth worship services that flow from song to song without distraction. But how can we achieve such excellence on a weekly basis? One answer is to utilize backing pads. What are backing pads? What are the benefits of using them in our worship sets? What are the key qualities of a great backing pad? What are the simple and advanced set-ups needed to run backing pads? We answer all those questions and discuss some advanced techniques, tips, and tricks for using backing pads in worship in this month’s episode. I...

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Bonus Q&A: How Do I Lead A Youth Worship Band Well?

In our 2nd Listener Q&A Bonus Episode, we answer a question from podcast listener, Brian Johnson. Brian is a new worship leader and will be taking over an established youth worship ministry. He asks for advice on how to lead a band, and how to do his best as a new leader in a youth group context. Justin Bell and I answer. If you’d like to submit a question for a future episode email me at or call and leave a voicemail at 831-607-WLT1. AUDITION / CULTURE EXAMPLE DOCUMENTS THE IMPORTANCE OF SONG SELECTION IN WORSHIP (ARTICLE) Direct Download Subscribe...

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