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The Power and Importance of Personal Worship w/ Stephen Miller

We all know that private worship is supposed to fuel our public ministry, but some days our times with God are dry, boring, distracted or distant. Stephen Miller joins us to discuss the power and importance of personal worship and give us some tips for keeping our walk with Jesus fresh and vibrant! Direct Download Subscribe To Our PodcastThe best way to listen to our podcast is on your smartphone. Subscribe oniTunes, Stitcher, Tune In, Google Play, Android, Spotify, iHeartRadioNot sure how? CLICK HERE Connect with Stephen online: @stephenmiller Liberating King – Amazon Worship Leaders We Are Not Rock Stars – Amazon Quotables: Jesus sets...

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How to Leave Your Church Well

There comes a day for most Worship Leaders when they have to leave their current ministry assignment. Very few worship leaders get to serve the same congregation for 40 years. Sometimes the leaving is painful, under less-than-ideal circumstances. Other times, it is a joyous launching and hope-filled transition into an exciting new season. Whichever the case, it is vitally important that we leave our churches well. We should do everything in our power to leave well and set our churches up for success when we’re gone. Today, our long-time guest Brenton Collyer joins us and we give you a...

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5 Qualities Of A Good Congregational Song

With so many great new worship songs out there, there’s a temptation to grab whatever is flashy and cool and throw it into your next worship set; but we must be much more intentional about the songs we choose and introduce to our congregation. We are the “Gatekeepers” of our church’s “worship vocabulary”. We put the words on their lips that shape their theology and view of God, so we must be very intentional. In this episode, I give 5 questions that you should ask before introducing that new song, as well as a few tips for the song...

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How To Be More Organized and Productive w/ David Santistevan

David Santistevan joins us this month to discuss organization, productivity, and efficiency as a worship leader. Many musicians have a bad rap for being lazy and disorganized, but this should NOT be the case in the Church! David is the host of the well-known “Beyond Sunday Podcast” (a podcast for worship leaders that you should DEFINITELY be listening to), as well as an author, blogger, worship leader, songwriter, album producer, music instructor and family man! So David clearly knows a lot about time management and productivity! In this episode we talk about why organization and productivity matter for Worship...

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What Good Worship Leaders Focus On Between Sundays w/ Chris Vacher

Being an effective worship leader involves SO much more than just leading songs on Sunday mornings. Today we talk to Chris Vacher, award-winning blogger and Creative Arts Pastor at C4 Church, about what it takes to be a great worship leader when OFF the platform. The other parts of the job, like pastoring your team, keeping your walk with Jesus authentic, constantly learning, and making sure you are caring for your own family. Enjoy the wisdom from Chris as he gives us some things to focus on (and work on) in between Sundays. Direct Download Subscribe To Our PodcastThe...

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