Author: Alex Enfiedjian

Raising Up Future Worship Leaders w/ Passion

One of the prime objectives of scripture is to be fruitful and multiply. As worship leaders, we can multiply ourselves by investing in the next generation of worship leaders. It is our job to pass the baton to future generations and intentionally train and disciple them. At Passion City Church, worship leaders like Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, David Crowder have passed the baton to the younger guns: Kristian Stanfill, Brett Younker, and Melodie Malone. This month I talk to Kristian Stanfill and Brett Younker about what it was like to be poured into by the greats like Chris Tomlin,...

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Q&A: How Do I Get Hired As A Worship Leader?

How does someone get hired as a worship leader? Is there a path a person takes to become a paid worship leader at a church? And what are some tips to help navigate the hiring process for a full-time ministry position? Getting hired at a church can be a daunting and mysterious process, so in today’s episode, I try to take some of the mystery out of it and give you practical tips to guide you to the greatest chance of success. I share three principles for young worship leaders to keep in mind as they aspire to a ministry job....

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Planning Center Tips & Tricks w/ Aaron Stewart

Planning Center is used by over 30,000 churches worldwide, and for good reason: It is the most robust, easy-to-use software available for service planning and church database management. Aaron Stewart, the founder of Planning Center, started it as a frustrated worship leader looking for something to help manage his teams and his song sets. Today, the software can do much more than that and is helping thousands of worship leaders just like you do their job with less headache and hassle. In this month’s episode, I talk with Aaron about some leadership lessons he learned while building his company,...

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7 Ways To Use Your Rehearsal Night To Its Full Potential

Our rehearsal nights can be so much more than just playing through a few songs. If used correctly, they become times to shape culture, invest in relationships, do discipleship, train new volunteers, raise up new worship leaders, find better uses of our technology and more. This month, I’m the one being interviewed, by Carl Barnhill of the Church Media Podcast (check them out!). In this episode, I share 7 ways we can use our mid-week rehearsals to their full potential. Enjoy! (Please leave us a review on iTunes if you’ve been enjoying this podcast!) Direct Download Subscribe To Our...

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Cultivating A Deeper Spirituality On Your Worship Team w/ Jeremy Riddle

In a world of pervasive “shallowness”, deep spirituality can seem an elusive thing to attain. Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and other distractions keep our minds in the shallows. This is the world that our team members live in.  As leaders in God’s Church, it is our responsibility to fight for depth, focus, and deeper spirituality in our people, so that there is power in our worship leading. But how do we do this? Today I talk with Jeremy Riddle of Bethel Church about how he helps his teams stay rooted and connected to Jesus. Enjoy the episode! Jeremy Riddle Online...

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