Author: Alex Enfiedjian

How To Run Efficient Worship Rehearsals

All worship leaders have to run rehearsals, but not all worship leaders run rehearsals well. Wasted time, sloppy arrangements, and frustrated band members all stem from a lack of leadership. As worship leaders, we owe it to our teams to make our rehearsal times as fun, efficient and productive as possible. The goal is that everyone leaves rehearsal feeling excited, engaged, energized and expectant for what God will do in the upcoming service. This month’s episode is a recording of a live workshop I taught on how to run efficient worship rehearsals for your team. I hope you are helped...

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How To Have Difficult Conversations With Your Team Members

Difficult conversations are an inevitable part of being a leader. But difficult conversations don’t have to be viewed in a negative light. In fact, helping a team member grow is a very positive thing, and is actually commanded in scripture (Ephesians 4). In this month’s episode, Brenton Collyer and I share how to reframe your mindset regarding difficult conversations, and give you very practical tips on how to have them in a variety of contexts (auditions, sin, bad team behavior, etc.) Also See: What To Do When A Team Member Sins Example Worship Team Expectations Docs If you are...

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Building Incredible Volunteer Teams w/ Carl Barnhill

If you want to accomplish something great for the Kingdom of God, you need a great team of people around you. In today’s episode, I talk with Carl Barnhill about how to create healthy, happy, thriving, volunteer teams. Carl is truly an expert team builder. I learned SO much from this interview. We discuss recruiting  (“inviting”), onboarding, culture, communication, training, and so much more. This is a super practical episode, and I’m excited for what you’ll be able to take and apply to your ministry. Volunteer Handbook (Twelve-Thirty Media) Direct Download Subscribe To Our PodcastThe best way to listen to our...

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Q&A: How Do I Lead Musicians Who Are Better Than Me?

Hopefully, you’re surrounded by amazing musicians in your worship ministry (every worship leader’s dream)! But if you are, you might not know how to lead them, guide them, and give them direction. Maybe you don’t know how to “speak their language”, or you are intimidated by their skill and experience. In our final Q&A episode of the month, Justin Bell, Brenton Collyer and I share how you can learn to lead musicians who are much more talented than you in a way that is winsome and respectable. Also See: Helping Your Band Beat Busyness & Embrace Musical Simplicity Direct...

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Q&A: Why Should I Make My Worship Ministry Better?

How good is “good enough” in worship ministry? It may seem like a silly question, but all of us have limited time, personnel, and resources. Why chase after excellence, when what we are currently doing serves the church just fine?  And why does worship ministry get all the special attention? Should a church’s worship department pull talent and resources from other departments? In our second Q&A episode this month, we tackle the many various reasons to continue pushing our ministries forward, and share some practical tips on how to do just that. Also See:  What Is Musical Excellence For...

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