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Bi-Vocational Worship Leading w/ Zach Hodges

Most worship leaders are Bi-Vocational (meaning they hold a second job, or serve strictly as a volunteer). With all that we want to accomplish in our ministries, how can we move the ball forward while balancing ministry, family, health, and a second career? How do we...

Hillsong’s Systems That Lead To Musical Excellence

Why is Hillsong Worship so good? How do they achieve such high levels of musical excellence? What are they doing behind the scenes that leads to consistently great results in all of their campuses? Inquiring minds want to know. Thankfully, this month I am joined by...

13 Ways To Win When Starting At A New Church

Starting at a new church can be a daunting and overwhelming task. The first few months in particular are crucial to setting the tone and direction you want to take the ministry. With the right attitude and methods, you can successfully adopt an existing team, win...

How To Run Efficient Worship Rehearsals

All worship leaders have to run rehearsals, but not all worship leaders run rehearsals well. Wasted time, sloppy arrangements, and frustrated band members all stem from a lack of leadership. As worship leaders, we owe it to our teams to make our rehearsal times as...

The Importance of Song Selection In Worship

In musical worship, song selection is critical. Songs are the fundamental building blocks of our worship services. They are the tools with which we help our people see, savor and sing to Jesus. The stronger our songs, the more vividly we can paint the nature and...

7 Key Characteristics Of A Great Worship Leader

Being a great worship leader is so much more than just having strong vocal chops and epic guitar skills. Worship leaders are leaders, shepherds, counselors, vision casters, communicators, organizers, and administrators. And that’s probably just scratching the surface....

6 Reasons To Have A Mid-Week Worship Rehearsal

Recently I became the worship pastor of a much larger church with multiple worship services per week. The sheer number of services requires a lot from our volunteer musicians so up until now there has never been a separate night dedicated to rehearsals. Currently,...

Tutorial: How To Create ChordPro Format Chord Charts

ChordPro format chord charts are becoming increasingly popular in worship ministries because of their flexibility and time-saving nature. What Are ChordPro Format Chord Charts? ChordPro Format chord charts are similar to regular chord charts, except that they embed...

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