Author: Alex Enfiedjian

What To Do When A Team Member Sins

Every one of your team members has sin in their life (including you!) but where does it cross the line to where someone should no longer be serving on the worship team? How should we address the issue, and is there a process of restoration we can follow to return the team member to service? What does all this look like in practice? These are some of the questions we will be answering in today’s episode. If you are a worship leader wanting wisdom on how to deal with this delicate issue, or simply a team member wanting to...

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Multiply Your Ministry Effectiveness

  Want to do 100 times more ministry than you’re currently doing? Want to have a massive impact on the kingdom of God that long outlasts you? Then you have to learn how to multiply yourself! In today’s episode, I talk to Justin Bell, worship pastor of Calvary Nexus, about how he went from only 3 worship teams to 12 worship teams and 15 new worship leaders in 10 years! As worship leaders (and disciples of Jesus), we must learn how to multiply ourselves and continue our ministry through other people! Enjoy the conversation and feel free to leave us your thoughts...

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Playing In Parts – How To Sound Like A Professional Band

Want to help your worship team sound more professional? Then it’s time to start arranging and playing in “parts”. Churches are filled with extremely talented musicians, but very few of those musicians have any experience playing in the context of a band, so a lot of worship teams just stand on the stage and play chords together. Music is meant to be so much more than just playing the chords on your chord charts! In this episode Brenton Collyer and I tackle what it means to play in parts and give some practical tips to help you begin creating...

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8 Tricks to Improve Your Stage Presence

How do you look on stage? Is your body language helping or hindering people from worship?  We communicate much more with our bodies than we do our words. That’s why as worship leaders and worship team members we must care about improving our stage presence! In this episode (Episode 5) we tackle 8 tricks to help you improve your stage presence, so you can lead your church more effectively! Enjoy and pass it along to someone else! Direct Download Subscribe To Our PodcastThe best way to listen to our podcast is on your smartphone. Subscribe oniTunes, Stitcher, Tune In,...

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Creating A Culture of Musical Excellence On Your Worship Team

Does God care how our music sounds? Should we? In today’s episode we tackle the theology / philosophy of musical excellence in worship, as well as some practical tips to creating a culture of excellence in your worship team. Brenton Collyer, Worship Pastor of Calvary Monterey, jumps in on the conversation to offer some valuable insights! Don’t miss it! To learn more about Brenton and his ministry visit or follow him on Twitter at @BrentonCollyer Direct Download Subscribe To Our PodcastThe best way to listen to our podcast is on your smartphone. Subscribe oniTunes, Stitcher, Tune In, Google Play,...

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