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New Album Episode!!!

On today’s episode I am super thrilled to offer you a full preview of my new 7-song EP “Ancient of Days”. I have been writing and recording music for 15 years (half of my life!) and I have never been more proud of a batch of songs and production as I am with this EP. I wanted to share it with you and offer it to my listeners FREE OF CHARGE! Click the link below to download the album for free. Please enjoy and may these songs minister to your heart and soul! **Make sure you’re listening to your podcast app...

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Getting The Best Out of Your Current Worship Team w/ Jason Houtsma

Worship Leaders often pray for God to send some new, professional musicians to their church and onto their teams, but what if God wants us to change our prayer? Maybe instead of praying for new, better musicians, we should ask God to help us be faithful to train and pour into the ones He’s already entrusted to us! It’s all about stewardship today; taking what God has currently given you and cultivating it to be the best that it can be. Jason Houtsma of Worship Artistry joins us to share some practical ways to get the best out of...

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Multigenerational Worship Leading

Healthy churches are filled with people from multiple generations:  from Great-grandparents to newborn babies. How can we as worship leaders lead both young and old to sing together and actually enjoy it? That’s what we talk about today on the Worship Team Podcast! Direct Download Subscribe To Our PodcastThe best way to listen to our podcast is on your smartphone. Subscribe oniTunes, Stitcher, Tune In, Google Play, AndroidNot sure how? CLICK HERE   Quotables: Your goal is not musical coolness, but congregational engagement!  – Tweet That! Get down from the stage and get to know the people in your congregation....

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Transitions – Why They Matter and How To Master Them

Transitions between songs are one of the most important, and often the most overlooked, part of crafting a great worship service. Today, Brenton Collyer and I discuss why transitions matter, and give some very practical tips for making them as smooth and seamless as possible. Plus, a few cool ideas that you can try out in your next worship service! Enjoy the episode, and please feel free to leave a comment in the comments section. Direct Download Subscribe To Our PodcastThe best way to listen to our podcast is on your smartphone. Subscribe oniTunes, Stitcher, Tune In, Google Play,...

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Humility, Brokenness and Authenticity As A Leader

What does God desire in our worship and worship leading? One word: Brokenness.  In our worship and worship leading, God desires us to be humble, dependent, reliant, weak and broken. This is very opposed to what we find in the church today. Church / Worship Leaders are bold, self-reliant, have all the answers, and are on a mission to change the world. But are we fooling ourselves? Today we talk with our friend Sam Salerno about embracing, even boasting in, our brokenness, weakness and dependance on God. No self-righteousness allowed. Dive into the deep end and feel free to share...

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