Author: Alex Enfiedjian

The Current State of Worship w/ Matt Redman

As we come to the close of the year, I asked prolific songwriter and worship leader Matt Redman about the current state of modern worship around the globe. Where are we at as a worship culture, what encouraging trends is he seeing, what concerns him, and what advice does he have for worship leaders as we stewart our calling well? This episode is less of a training and more of an encouragement and exhortation from a wiser, older brother. Be encouraged and challenged! Matt Redman Online @Matt_Redman Glory Song Album (Amazon) Glory Song Album (iTunes) Direct Download Subscribe To...

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6 Ways To Utilize Your Acoustic Guitar To Its Full Potential

Your acoustic guitar is an incredibly powerful tool. Its melodic and percussive nature allows you to create lots of energy and dynamic if utilized properly. Unfortunately, many worship leaders are under-utilizing this versatile instrument because they have never been taught a handful of simple techniques that can take your acoustic guitar playing to the next level. Whether you lead alone (just you and your acoustic guitar), or you have a worship band, using the six techniques outlined in this episode will help you grow as an acoustic player and better utilize this incredible instrument for God’s glory. The first...

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Using Worship Services To Shape Our People’s Souls w/ Zac Hicks

Our worship services have a formative effect on our people’s minds and souls. With weeks, bleeding into months, into years, and ultimately decades, the habits we form in our people have a long term cumulative effect. What we do in our services and how we do it matters. In today’s episode, I talk with author and Pastor Zac Hics about the ways in which worship is formative and how to best utilize our gathered worship times to shape our people into the image of Christ over the long haul. Get the free books: Tweet at @WMTpodcast and @ZacHicks Zac...

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We Had To Change Our Name

We were recently forced to change our name. In this episode I explain why and share a few ways you can help. All new content will now be at Thank you for your support!!! Share with Your Friends: Tell your friends about us on EMAIL, FACEBOOK, and TWITTER. Donate To Our Legal Fees: Donate $1 Donate $2 Donate $5 Donate $10 (or more) – Donate $10 or more and get a full downloadable catalog of Alex’s music from the last 10 years. Thanks for all the nice reviews lately! Feel free to leave us an iTunes review at Say...

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Creating Culture Through Consistent Communication w/ Aaron Ivey

Culture is one of the most important aspects of your worship ministry. Healthy culture will help your ministry thrive, while unhealthy culture will undermine everything you are trying to accomplish. But healthy culture doesn’t appear of thin air. Culture is something that is carefully cultivated through consistent communication of a clear and compelling vision. Aaron Ivey of Austin Stone Worship seems to have cracked the code of clear, consistent communication and has crafted an incredible culture of worship and creativity at the Austin Stone Church in Austin, TX.  That’s why we’re excited to have him share his insights on this month’s...

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